PLS Library Consultations

PLS is available to offer library staff support through project assistance, continuing education, technology aid, outreach, and general library development. Our services are flexible and adaptable to any library challenge. Below are a few consultations that we offer.

Library Planning

Developing a Long Range/Strategic Plan is a requirement to meet New York State Minimum Standards as well as a way to provide a clear and actionable vision of your library’s future. To help in the planning process, we are available to assist in conducting focus groups, providing community information, organizing goals and objectives, developing mission and value statements, and structuring the final plan. Click here for more information

Continuing Education

To keep your library running at full capacity you need to invest in your largest asset, staff. We are prepared to offer continuing education on topics including: Collection development, survey development, customer service, change management, running effective meetings, effective online communication, and general best practices. We are open to developing specific continuing education materials upon request.

Technology Assistance

Technology is evolving at an incredible rate and we’re here to help you adapt, adopt, and optimize your digital resources through on-site support and training. This includes technology purchasing, training staff on Evergreen, and recommending upgrades and enhancements to your current technology structure.

User Experience

Traditionally, libraries have focused on internal organization systems for classifying and categorizing their materials and services. However, with the changing view of library users as community partners and the increased competition facing non-profits everywhere it’s time to start designing services focused on providing a positive experience for the user. To help libraries attain this goal, we are offering consultations to aid in user research (focus groups, surveys, one-on-one interviews), communication audits, website evaluations, service point evaluation, and user-focused web design.

Library Resource Links

Below are links pertinent to library directors and staff that provide information regarding to library development, complying with standards/codes/laws, create library districts, and helping new library directors.