Custodian (Part-time)

Job Summary:

Under the direct supervision of the Business/Personnel Manager, is responsible for building and grounds upkeep and maintenance, ensuring the facility is in compliance with fire and safety codes.  Performs minor repairs and oversees outside contractor projects when required.  Responsible for maintenance of garage and vans, ensuring they are clean and safe for delivery service. 

Works closely with the Business/Personnel Manager to meet facility management needs.

Essential Duties:

  1. General  office cleaning, including vacuuming all carpeting, wiping down all equipment (cabinets, desks, tables, chairs, lamps/lighting fixtures, copiers, etc) to remove dust with applicable cleaner/polish as needed.
  2. Mop all hard surface flooring with appropriate disinfectant cleaning solution as needed.
  3. Remove trash and recycling throughout office, restock toilet paper, paper towels and soap as needed.
  4. Clean bathroom and kitchens, including washing and sanitizing all fixtures, commodes, urinals and appliances, cleaning and polishing all stainless steel or aluminum and all counter top surfaces with appropriate disinfectant cleaning solutions as needed. 
  5. Set up and break-down rooms for meetings, including washing dishes, tables and surfaces with appropriate disinfectant cleaning solution, emptying trash and recycling,  and vacuuming carpeting after each meeting.
  6. Maintain grounds, including weeding/planting all gardens, trimming all shrubs, mulching, and watering as needed.  Oversee lawn care and snow plowing done by contractor, clear sidewalks and entrances of snow/ice as needed.
  7. Maintain garage and vans, including taking vans to garage for repairs, inspections, and routine maintenance as needed.  Clean garage floor, tables, and vans (inside & outside) with appropriate disinfectant cleaning solutions as needed.
  8. Purchase general office and custodial supplies at local stores using proper purchasing procedures approved by Business/Personnel Manager as needed.  Maintain custodial inventory.
  9. Performing repair/maintenance work as needed, including carpentry repairs, plumbing repairs such as unplugging toilets, traps, and sinks, interior/exterior painting, electrical repairs such as replacing bulbs, ballasts, switches and outlets as needed.  In consultation with supervisor, schedules and oversees work with independent contractors as needed.
  10. Performs other duties as assigned.

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

  1. Ability to perform medium to heavy manual labor, including climbing ladders.
  2. Maintains a valid NYS Driver’s License with a safe driving record.
  3. Ability to effectively communicate with supervisor and independent contractors.

Education and Experience:

  1. High School Diploma

Click here for application.  Send completed application to by February 8, 2019.

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