LTSP(Linux Terminal Server Project) is a way to resolve some of the major issues libraries have been facing in regards to the public access computers. 

An LTSP setup will remove the hassle and common headaches that come along with keeping Windows PCs updated. LTSP only requires 1 computer to be updated, and those updates will be performed by PLS IT staff. 

Running an LTSP setup will allow libraries to extend the life of their computers, in turn, saving the library money. 

An LTSP setup requires 1 newer, high-quality PC to act as a "master" computer. The computers that patrons actually sit in front of can be of any quality, as long as they are in working order. 

LTSP will mean that the patrons will be using Linux instead of Windows, but most do not even notice the difference. Basically, all common functions that are performed by patrons on current Windows machines can be performed on these LTSP machines. Most games will work as well, like Minecraft, with the exception of Roblox which we know does not work with LTSP. 

This grant is to offer libraries a brand new PC to act as the "master," as well as a battery backup for that PC. 


- Drastically reduce costs(Computers as old as 10 years have worked well with this solution)
- No need for DeepFreeze
- Only 1 machine needs to be updated regardless of how many public machines are running LTSP, and PLS staff will be performing these updates.

- Standalone games may or may not work. Roblox will not work. Minecraft does work though.  Almost all web-based games(those games played inside a browser) will work. 
- It's not Windows, so some patrons may need a little guidance to find an alternative way. (Ex. Showing a patron that LibreOffice is very similar to Microsoft Office.)


- A wired network is required.
- The equipment provided in this grant can only be used for the LTSP setup. 
- If an awarded library no longer wants to use LTSP in their library, the equipment will be transferred to another library for use in an LTSP setup. 
- In order to receive this grant, a minimum of 4 computers must be used in the LTSP setup. 
- Priority may be given to libraries that have the best suited technological environment for this setup as well as prior interest. 
- Agree to involve all support staff that will have any interaction with the public computers in an on-site training provided by PLS. 


Contact: Adam Keuer ( or Bob Wicksall(

Deadline: September 28, 2018

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