On the weekend of April 2nd Zimbra Mail was migrated to a new server with a new domain name. The new domain name for mail is

Click here to access Zimbra Mail

If you access mail with a 3rd party client like Thunderbird, Gmail or a mail app on your phone, you will need to replace with

Note about passwords

Passwords have not changed. If you saved your password in a web browser the browser will not associate that password with the new server. If you don't remember your password you can either retrieve it from your browser or contact CANS to have it reset.

Click here for information on how to view passwords saved in Chrome

Getting Support

For password resets or other email change related questions, please click the link below and fill out a support request.

Click here to fill out a support request

Please provide your Name, Email Address, Library and a Phone Number where you can be reached.

Update History

4/04/2021 11:00 PM

Migration complete!

4/04/2021 6:50 PM

Third and final mail import in progress...

4/04/2021 3:00 PM

Full backup complete. Moving on to configuration of other services.

4/04/2021 1:10 PM

First pass at configuration and connectivity testing complete. Server down for a full backup before I go any further.

4/04/2021 12:15 PM

Second mail import completed and incoming mail redirected to new server. Lots of work left to do.

4/04/2021 9:20 AM

First mail import completed at 8:30 AM. Import number two in progress...


4/03/2021 Midnight

So far we have imported 271 out of about 420 users...


4/03/2021 8:30 PM

So far we have imported 169 out of about 420 users...

4/03/2021 5:45 PM

So far we have imported 136 out of about 420 users...

4/03/2021 4:30 PM

So far we have imported 92 out of about 420 users...

4/03/2021 1:30 PM

First import into new mail server in progress...

4/02/2021 11:30 PM

Email migration is under way.


Since the ticketing system and OWWL Docs rely on email for authentication we will use this page to communicate changes during and after the migration. If you have issues on Monday April 5th check this page for further instructions.