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You can help libraries across New York State by signing up as Library Advocate with the New York Library Association (NYLA). NYLA will contact Library Advocates via email with Library Alerts – a request for you to contact your legislators in support of libraries on time-sensitive issues. For more information, see the Advocacy page on NYLA’s website. Or sign up right here by submitting this form

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Take two minutes to send your message supporting New York's libraries using NYLA's Online Advocacy Center.

2018 NYLA Legislative and Budgetary Priorities

Budget Priorities:

  1. $100M for Equitable Library Funding: Increase State Library Aid Proportionally with Education Funding
  2. Equal Access, IT Infrastructure, and Energy Efficiency: Fund the Public Library Capital Aid Program at $30M
  3. Equitable Access for All New Yorkers: NYLA 2018 Legislative Agenda

Click here for a full description of the 2018 budget priorities.

Click here for Lauren Moore's testimony at the NYS Assembly Hearing on Public Library Funding.

Local Library Advocacy Resource Links

Below are links that provide information regarding library advocacy.

If you’d like to learn about options for public library funding, please consult the Pioneer Library System.