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Mobile Maker Kits


Loan Length


Member Library Provides


GoPro Camera 2 weeks GoPro Camera and Accessories the FUN!

Google Cardboard Viewers 2 weeks 10 Google Cardboard Viewers Smart phones for each viewer

Makey Makeys 2 weeks 4 Makey Makey kits Computers to run the kits

Large Button Maker 2 weeks 2.25 inch button maker and cutter
Small Button Maker 2 weeks 1 inch button maker
Needle Felting Kit 2 weeks Wool roving, 10 foam blocks and 20 felting needles
Lego Wedo 2 weeks 4 Lego Wedo sets and 4 laptops (for 8 children)


2 weeks

6 sets of the deluxe kit and the gizmos and gadgets kit

9V batteries

Ozobots #1

2 weeks

6 robots



Ozobots #2

2 weeks

5 robots



Snap Circuits

2 weeks

6- 300 project sets

AA batteries


Jewelry Making Tools

2 weeks

10 sets of 4 tools

Jewelry findings and beads

3D Printer

1 month

Afinia H480 printer and filament

Dedicated space